“Emcees will get you out of your seat…
But the DJ is what moves your feet”

Our DJs keep their ears to the sound board and their eyes on a packed floor. They oversee how the music they play moves crowd and not just themselves. They make calls on a fly and adjust to the temperament of what the crowd wants to hear. “Don’t just listen ..feel the vibe” the heart beat of your event … Avisso event DJs are well trained, well mannered and well dressed … Let’s not forget on time… “Quality is key .. But piece of mind ..rules”.

Take a look at some of our videos here:

DJ Giovanni “How we do sw 16”
DJ Neil C. “So inSync”
DJ Neil C. “Sweet 16 mania”
DJ Neil C. “Don’t you worry child”
DJ July “Who’s Hot”
DJ Neil C. “New years eve wedding”