A.E. is proud to bring to you…Mr. Kevin Williams. Highly acclaimed for being one of the leading Dancer/Choreographer/Emcees in the industry. Kevin Williams is a true veteran in the business. It was only a matter of time before Mr. Williams set sail on a journey of his own. Now he is BACK.. This has proven to be his most successful venture yet.

With over sixteen solid years in the industry of entertainment, Kevin’s outstanding performances has led him to share the company of Madonna, Diana Ross, Billy Joel, Halle Berry, Magic Johnson, Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre and The New York City Ballet and Repertoire just to name a few.

Kevin brings a “Touch of Class and Elegance” to all events while effortlessly catering to groups of all ages. Kevin and M.S.I. have worked along side one another for several years, and are ready to ignite and spark the flames right where you want them…. ON THE DANCE FLOOR! Kevin is a true asset to A.E. and is guaranteed to be an invaluable component to your next function.

Click HERE to view video of Mr. Kevin Williams.