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Ken was awesome. He’s a super nice guy and he has a remarkable handle on the kids, knows how to tell them nicely to cool it when it’s needed and definitely knows how to get the energy of the room up and flowing. He stuck to what we had discussed in advance, and also I appreciated how available he made himself in advance of the event for any questions or concerns. I could not have been happier with the job he did.

–The DJ was great too. I really didn’t work with him at all as the DJ booth was upstairs, but he and Ken communicated well and everything related to the sound worked very well, so I know he did a great job.

–The Dancers were lovely – super fun and helpful and non-intrusive – and really kind and polite young women.


Laura Williams

Subject: WOW

Amazing, outstanding, perfect, wow.

They kept that party going, made everyone feel a part of it and most of all, celebrated ZACH!!!

Thank you, thank you


Subject: One word –


Your DJ and Mystic rocked that party!
Everyone asked about them, simply fantastic. I am in love : )

sent from heather’s iphone!


You killed it again! We really can’t thank you enough for all you do to make our parties amazing. You bring such energy and good feeling that everyone — kids and adults alike — can’t help but to party. You are a pro who makes things so easy for us to sit back and enjoy the show. Thanks for being a part of our family! We will send you pictures when Jean gets some to us.


Dana and Marc

Dana & Mark Zimmerman

Mystic, thank you for a FABULOUS party!!! You are the best, dancers were awesome as usual!! Your charm, your energy, I feel blessed to have been to 5 of your events!!
I gotta get Michelle and Bruce to celebrate their 50th…

Wendy Harper

Hey there Mystic. This is Matthew Abel. Josh Abel’s dad from the bar mitzvah this past weekend. Just wanted to shoot you a message and let you know how amazing you guys all war. The party was incredible and no one has stopped talking about the entertainment. You guys really hit a homerun with us and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have you at our party. Believe me. People of already started asking us for your name and number for their events. We hope to run into each other sometime down the road at another party.
Again. Thank you for everything you really brought a ton of energy and life to joshes bar mitzvah. He will certainly remember it forever. And so will we.

Matt & Deb Able June 18th, 16

dear roberta,

my apologies that i had not gotten back to you earlier.
i have just been so busy. and i returned to my manhattan
office this morning.

the wedding could not have gone any smoother. the dj (sal)
and his assistant put everything in place in a
timely fashion and the music was pumped in for
the ceremony (on the rooftop deck) so seamlessly.
the music played was what we desired and in the correct
order. the music played during the cocktail hour was great
as well. all the music and timing during the party was
simply perfect including my looney tunes request.

as i thought he would be, mystic was just (f-in) amazing. he has not
lost anything. time has stood still. all of the guests came to ellen and me
saying they thought he was just wonderful. they had fun and enjoyed
every moment of the day. bottom line, besides being a very nice person,
he is a “class act.” yeah, we love him to death.

in a nutshell, everything went extremely well. the weather was gorgeous,
the location (right on the water with views to die for) was as good as it
gets, and we all felt relieved at the end of the day. we sat by the water
long after the party ended and took it all in.

if there is anything that you may want me to write for/in a particular
website, please let me know.

my best from 42nd and third.


Jeff Sobel – June 18th, 2016

Dear Magnificent Mystic,

Where do I begin? For thanking you for making the many small children in the room feel welcome and involved? For creating just the right atmosphere that allowed both children and adults to feel it was their party? For turn Max into a daredevil skydiver? For giving Rachel the sense that she was a princess for a day in a way that was playful and age-appropriate. Absolutely every note, phone call, and conversation I have received has mentioned how amazing you and your team were. We are so grateful for all you did to create such an inviting, encouraging, fun space for Rachel’s bat mitzvah celebration.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Should you ever have a potential client interested in speaking to a satisfied client, feel free to share my email. I will happily recount this positive experience.

In gratitude,

Rabbi Dena Klein
Chavurat Tikvah

Dena Klein